"But now I'm happy for a time and interested." So (you). Recalled book as ghost wanderer erred on the side of (swim) tuned up, yes? The bad joke. I was a. I was too. Stanza break, "luminous humidity," yeah well. O I would too. ("[K]eep me.") (Like a charm like a bad joke to--in the failure of conversation--tell.) An (awoken) awkward pause extended (itself). I was called. I could tell. I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I: a (black) picket fence. To admire the (blank) through. "[P]assing the House…." Flanure. Ward. "Death, masks, makeup, are all part of the festival that subverts the order of the city, its smooth regulation…" ("and the construction"). "A certain festival, a certain game." (Workers.) Turn over the card, its scales: Out-of-Water. Waiter? Wardrobe. In--that demotion--the failure. Like a ©harm.