(Like) I expected this stolen stuff to write (excuse me) itself. Stuffed. Go fish. "[W]ho wants to be a mover and / shaker." Salt. Go figure. Expected this shit to hold up the house (of being), stolen frame of what if cut, and again cut…. "To break off here, clear-headedly and for kicks…." For fish. He dead (her). Doubled. Error. Who wants…"comes in / and tells me…." I expected, or say I was expecting, or you--who knew the poem--were…that. Hold up the house on memory's fragile...--here is a record of the path my eyes made looking past. Read through. To what? I expected…"a cop." In the images rising against the downward path which meant so they said he was asking for it which meant so they said he was 'resisting arrest.' I expected this scene to be easier to stage. (De)Scription. A picnic. An opinion: I am, I am (trying to get up) (to wake up). Money for what? Make a wish.