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1. Opium by Rikki Ducornet 

2. Peter by Jeffery DeShell 

3. FlaKeS: a SeRiaL by Ron Sukenick 

4. The Real Thing by Ray Federman 

5. Being a part of The Alphabet by Ron Silliman 

6. Snake by Ann Henry 

7. Semi-Portrait of the Ground by Rosaire Appel 

8. Too Long in the Reliquary by Judy Upjohn 

9. Adam's Fall: A Love Story by Harry Polkinhorn 

10. Copterport on Cowell's Mountain by Cris Mazza 

11. Hag... by D.N. Stuefloten 

12. Colonel Travis's Lament, Part One or Part Two by Robert Garner McBrearty 

13. Memesis by Toby Boudreaux 

14. Omniscience: A Tentative Definition by Jacques Servin 

15. House of Pain by Hal Jaffe 

16. An American Legend by B.Z. Niditch 

17. Boy Scout Cookies (Chapter One) by Keith Abbott; (currently not available)