Anonymity: A Girl's Best Friend?
by Lori Gluck

At my best friend Rrose's prodding, I initiated a series of empirical studies that enabled me to explore the effectiveness and usage of very specific tactics that would help promote healthy, spontaneous sexual encounters between a variety of men and women and myself. I consciously carried on this study for about two months and found the vast majority of the men and women I encountered very responsive to my particular tactics.

It had been determined by both Rrose and I that the usual tactics employed by men to try and develop a sexual encounter with a woman were more times than not vulgar and made the men, no matter how physically attractive they might have been, seem too desperate and totally at risk of losing whatever intellectual power they might have exuded in our presence.

The most effective male tactics for promoting a successful sexual encounter have always been those that revolve around a considerable investment of time and attention to the women, not to mention an uncanny ability to express love or the synchronicity-energy that women are known to feel comfortable committing to.

The problem, as Rrose and I have come to conclude, is that we ourselves, as bisexual women with aggressive instincts that motivate us to have regular and anonymous or near-anonymous sexual encounters with a random assortment of male/female bodies, find ourselves all-too-willing to break away from this conventional notion of investing time and energy toward a man or woman whom we may find physically, mentally or aurally attractive.

It was this self-evident contradiction in what we perceived as an effective way of actualizing a sexual encounter that led to a number of revelations and experiences that have made me more aware of just what kind of sexual creature I'm capable of becoming.

I found that the most effective tactics or strategies for promoting sexual encounters here in my town of Love-ville, USA, were those that avoided the dysfunctionally-insecure, mindfuck-seduction-routine (which so many people, especially women, have tried with me in the past). Straightforward flirting and an ability to transmit the absolute need to create desire in the Other so as to eventuate a sexual encounter was the best methodology to implement in my neighborhood surroundings.

My chosen #1 strategy during the duration of these experiments was body language. For me, body language is a kind of natural language. It just does what it's programmed to do (although who programs it?). It anticipates where the Other wants to go. Using facial expressions, posture, subliminal gesturing, aural visualization, and sexual touch-therapy contact, all contributed greatly to my success in generating a smorgasbord of sexual encounters.

But even those of us who are acutely aware of our body's ability to disseminate the truth of our experience encounter situations that derail our sense of self-assurance and cause us to momentarily act in ways we might not have otherwise known ourselves capable of.

One of these encounters took place late at night in my local library. A young black man, who I had noticed walking around the downtown mall in what I think of as a Miles Davis outfit (shiny silver jumpsuit and black hi-tops with ski goggles), was sitting at a desk in the far back Study Area of the library where no one ever goes, especially during the last half-hour of operation for the evening.

I casually walked back to where he was just to get a closer look at him. Since there aren't books or any other material in this part of the library, I really had no reason to be there unless I took one of the few empty desks and started studying. I took the desk right next to the one where he was and as soon as I sat down I noticed that he got this devilish bad-boy look on his face. My response was to naturally kick up my feet and put them on top of the desk. This simple movement caused my skirt to slide down my thigh and reveal most of my legs. I gave him a smile that said "I'm here, now what?" I was very conscious of the fact that I was flirting just as an experiment and that I wasn't sure what I was going to do or what would happen.

Flexibility and open-mindedness to the improvisation of the moment are key in getting over the fear of death associated with sex nowadays. Of course, the fact that this was a public place not only made the possibility of sex more exciting (exhibitionism) but in an odd kind of way, it made the scene more safe. Should something go wrong, I could yell at the top of my lungs and someone would hear me.

My flirtatious smile immediately turned into a huge gulp which must have been accentuated by the beet-red glow on my face as I realized that even before I had come to the back of the room he was already caught up in an act of auto-eroticism I had somehow not been prepared for. Even as my natural body language was somehow shuddering at the position I had unintentionally placed myself in, my confidence was soon coming back to me as I realized that my cunt was responding to this scene with a kind of wet, pulsating intensity I usually experience with people I know. His cock was huge and the bulging blue head was ready to explode.

I realized that the bad-boy grin on his face was a result of his having lovingly tortured himself into a state of masturbatory bliss and that not only did my presence have no negative effect on him carrying through with the act, it somehow urged him on, and my response was quick and spontaneous.

I kicked my feet down from desk, slid out of the chair, crawled the short distance to his musky lap and began helping him jerk off. He didn't say anything. He just looked at me as if he needed something more than my hand and so I took him in my mouth, or as much as I could, his cockhead was so huge it filled my mouth up like an exploding mushroom and soon it was literally exploding all its creamy juice into my throat and I swallowed it all without even thinking about it. He had a ton of cum.

How unlike me.

But then again, anonymous or near-anonymous sex is something that turns me on: so I occasionally allow myself the chance to participate in it.