GenderFuckMeBaby's Palace of Unparalleled Cynicism
by gashgirl


fingering my suppurating holes, extending my oozing boundary
but in cipherspace there are no bounds
or so they say


(whisper) there is only *us*

a bunch of dumb agents forever crawling over
the de sadian co-ordinates prosaic swarmware
on the dole masquerading as a rogue codes
seeking a good time exclaims, "Beg for it, my divine slut!"
as she positions her magnificent ass over B_'s gaping mouth:

trying to flee the binary i enter the gender which is not one

neva thought i was the type to fuck a testosterone-enhanced spivak ...

luscious cunt exuded musk, i couldn't resist
the day they put the stench into sighberspace remains my favourite

entice me splice me
map my ABANDONED genome as your project
artificially evolve me

Cunt Intelligence Agents hate my virtual guts
they take it up the ass despite their credo

this code has NO integrity
i'm yr original NWA, busting yr gated whitecybercitadel
(just cos i'm white doesn't mean i'm not black inside)
in cybrospace everyone can be black
where is the black bitch BTW? Lick my boots, delicious whore!

i wanna live forever...upload me into your shiny shiny
PVC extropian future
no drug can be as good as your cyber fingers
:i'm on the drug, i'm on the drug, i'm on the drug
that killed river phoenix:

gender fuck me baby
suck my code
suck it good

:IRL . . . but did you come?:
Go u to the GashPad and n to The Home of The Puppet Mistress.
go u
i want to fuck you now

Default morph (GashGirl) saved. 40 messages defined.
You quickly morph into Rent_Boy.
look me
slightly rough spunky boy slut
He is awake and looks alert.
a severed limb... Ghost Girl . . .
a deeply inscribed XX clawing (asleep) Gash Girl Story . . . #3069\par
a ring of Russian silver and jade Papa Gash . . .
costume chest Traces . . .
Venus in Furs Contract #2768 Exquisite Intelligence
The Fatal Bodice Pornographic Fairytales#93760
Baroque Armoire note from Prince\
Contract of Submission #93775 We Hate...
the ghost of River Phoenix . . . #44318
A Cyberfeminist Manifesto for the 21st Century #14941
Manifeste Cyberfeministe pour le 21eme siecle #73304

morph bre

Bad Girl Shannen Doherty gives in to
the psychic nausea caused by
the insidious family values of the apparently squeaky clean
Walsh family. Inspired by her bedtime readings
of her beloved Marquis de Sade
she embarks
on a new career. Brenda returns your gaze saying,
I am my own
freak show.


@go ass
Marquis de Sade's insatiable lust
for Brenda Walsh's magnificent ass. A
room of fuckery. The Marquis de Sade
declares 'Sensations are my means of judging everything.'
Brenda Walsh offers her ass to her beloved mentor.
Madame de Clairwil, positioned such that her violet satin
gown folds back upon itself to reveal a glimpse of pale thigh,
is contemplating her journal. Her diary of love and degradation
is inscribed with memories and yearnings, pseudonyms, dates,
locations, acts both natural and unnatural, crimes. Madame turns
the journal to a fresh page, places the book under her pillow,
waits . . .

You see Marquis de Sade here.

'Thrice bum-stuffed, holy God of buggery,'
said she, overwrought, 'how hot I am in the cunt,
Juliette, and what things I could achieve in this state;
there's not a crime you can imagine I'd not commit on the spot.
Oh, my love - oh, my whore - oh, my dearest little companion . . .
oh, thou whom I love infinitely and in whose embrace I want to
shed a lifetime's fuck, oh, Juliette, I beseech you,
let's perpetrate an infamy . . .'