Killoween Skunk Pumpkin Bark Mulch & Beaver Club
by Nile Southern

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Date: Sun, 3 Dec 1995 23:39:55 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: Killoween Skunk Pumpkin Bark Mulch & Beaver Club

Please to remove block on upstream datatrace
concurrent with emergency broadcast.

All emergency broadcasts now encrypted with
slipstream adrenals in accordance with directive
from National Electric, owner of single entity known
as 'Cable Direct' (USA). Only 'non-emergency' network
data-loops may originate from UK or other without
excise or identification to a leading multinational
media-conglomerate, such as one of 'big-five.'

Christian Coalition to broadcast Senate Bills and
toll-free routing as per USWEST reinvest, and GE,
TCI to practice margin-hike by removing all
'undesirable programming' such as Fairness and
Accuracy in Reporting, 'Counterspin' 'The 90s', or
'After (the) Rush Laimbrain' (see Roger Ailes; Business
Week 10/12/96)--suggest non-alignment pact such as
'what's wrong with making as much money as (they) can?'
or 'if the people really wanted it, it would be more
popular/able to self-fund' etc, 'there is no conflict of
interest--I was never censored and I was there for 12
years' or 'Public Broadcasting is simply too liberal-like the media...'

Corporate Domination of mixed media is for once, totally
free from the fetters of big government regulation--now
we can finally make a killing and not have to wipe the
money off our shoes. --

Voice-activated sex-streams were sealed up for NYNEX
UK, with operatives on payroll via deferred unit billing.
2 billion pound industry can afford a .3% ($US)'incentive'.
Picture the stockholder 2000 when half the phonesexers
talk us out of our retirement funds. R&D in this area
looking good: all cellular units ship with infrared scan
sensors. No V-chip here--looking only for words like "cum",
"give it to me hard you unghnnn", "fuck" "shag" and
disco-porn music. Thing goes into hard-record whether
its human or not. Better safe than sorry. Guaranteed to
fill 3 channels for 5 years--subscription-base topping-out
at 300,000 per.

TCI also interested in auto-programming featuring clergy sex.
Subsidiary manufacturing high-class religious items--sells-thru
to Christian Coalition via Pat Robertson and Empowerment
TV. Mostly for homo-appeal (2 shows broadband easy, 24hpd)
but biggest draw will be 'collar-cam' 'stay with the man' shots
--ambient 'crock-eye'cams in the churches loaded with female
church-workers; i.e. nuns, and those scaling the ladder.
Bids already in for Spain at 4.5 per share ($US) and guaranteed
fiber-wire contract for '97. Doesn't stop there.

Church-workers selling for Christ are big sector
(.85/65--'95-'97) and GE now in production on spy-cam
items for tawdry religious objects passed at 'show and tells'
in mid-west ladies parties. Goblets with drug-inserts,
giant crucifixes where you get tied up spread-eagled
--all mounted wi/ wireless cams and built-in up-link
--'God's Dong' (dildo-cam) is biggest winner by far--
you gotta see these chicks go for it! Now feeding 8 markets
in 24 countries, pulling down at 24 for payers only. Listed
as 'Los Ricas Marijuana', and known world-round as ''--
also hot in NY split-field Eco-Dub Overground. This is easy
to resell--filters thru to local tv-evangels and trickles down to
those hot Southern-Baptist broads you always wondered about.

Flying to Vegas for big RCI thing--will fill you in on
wireless-city details.