by Jan Ramjerdi


my cunt lips hang down so low they could be balls.
"you're hanging out" "i like . . . so . . . ummm . . . i like
to hang out-- here: smell" i touch myself, run my fingers
through LA.BUM and hold my fingers to my nose, then i put
them in my mouth.


ick you're such a lesbian
and you?
what what
what? you're not?

turn around



Suture What:(it's the old I.BITe:

To What:I.chBI.ndigitIT.el(II.BIT.IT)::fff:fff:ff&f
fist fuck&font)


it takes a long time

i use the WD-40 and wedge-one wand from RE.LA.VIR's



__________________(i like branches)


_________________(i like
_______to (o)

To What: I like branches.
I like branches in their detail.
I like branches curved in exquisite lines bent
by the winds constantly blowing through them.
I like branches to be bent in a way relating.
I like branches to be women.
I like branches to follow what I think.
I like branches two at a time.
I like never parting branches.

O.K. We'll hold our position here among the birds.
They like branches.
This is how they are in Spring.
It is no longer Spring now.
My fondest thoughts are of you Cherry.
Things change, Little Red Leaf.

3. Now is now . . .

&i don't like branches
anymore &i don't like to branch to anymore&anyway
what the fuck do branches branch
to when they branch to any kind of
fucking air?



when i come i tear the corners of her mouth

because i make her
let me

I rape her because

i make her
let me

dear reaDER.WRI.ter(WRI.DER) of the

To What: queerpurple

somedayyou will
somedayyou will

(get the K-Y)

Welcome to Some Day You Will Rape Like I Rape(TM)

You have just entered

If you need instructions, just touch the screen!

+index or fist

enter (password): (agshdknvmdkwsdskcbsnn.}

[NARR.TRANS.DOC: (she was a whore

Welcome to RE.LA.VIRtualhypernovel

The following instructions on how to read
RE.LA.VIRtualhypernovel, RE.LA.VIR, will help you fully
experience your first VIRtualhypernovel. If you have
questions that are not answered here, consult user
documentation (USE.DOC) on the DOC disks:

Technical consultants (B.E.T.T.A.SSiSts: icon) are
available to assist you 24-hours 7 days a week (1-900-
COP-AINS $5.03 first min. $3.91 each min after).

If you are equipped with a modem, (just touch the
screen) simply highlight the passage you need HELP? w/
and you will be automatically connected with one of our
B.E.T.T.A.SSSs (icon: Show TI.ME, Show $)


queenie, you're a virtual NO.NO.vel cunt too, RE.LA.VIR, a
VIR.tualVIR. al SmoothSpace(VIR.VIR.SS)
too to spread my
body organs in to every piece of your mouth
i tear the corners of her mouth when i come

I am filling in to the
color RE.d, LA. VIR. tu. alHYP. er. NO.NO!vel a
LA.REd, in
fragmenta, RE.LA.VIR and glue too and then too large enough memory
of you to you

ME.MORE.X CD-WOMan: We recommend at least 4MB
RAm (preferably 8MG) jerdi, a sound card, and
speakers. of you to youof you to
I occupy you I fill you in and equation you, equation by
equation, you equation you, and cunt too, queenie YOU'RE A
FUCKIN' CUNT TO, equation and cunt too, cunt to cunt yours
and mine I'm a fuckin' cunt too, cunt and equation paste
too cunt to cunt cunt to cunt to ass too gel and glue
too I gel and glue and gel and glue to GLUE AND PASTE TO YOU.
I got a cunt gun to. cuntgun to. I got a cuntgun to. I got a
cuntgun to I got a
cuntgun too and I'm gonna paste you paste you and I'm gonna cunt and paste
and cunt and paste you and I you and Icunt Icunt and paste and paste and
paste you
and I SHUT YOU UP BITCH you in your fucking pennsylvania YOU
you and your up on micro queenie you and your up on micro in and in yours
IN YOURS in your own little black hole, you're in IN IN I AM IN
TO AND UP your own little black hole queenie, I'm gonna paste you in
with you
queenie for a day, then I'm gonna roll you over and I'm gonna
roll you over and I'm gonna roll you over and king you I'm gonna king you
queenie ass backwards for a day bend over get on your knees and micro,
I'M GONNA widen you I'M GONNA MAC.RO YOU your large enough
and insert a whole ferry boat DRY TOO, bow and aft, bow and aft
lift your aft and too doodle doo doodle doo doo doodle LA
here's how it is: VIR. doodle doo and graffiti too here's my
to spray it up your ass, scratch scratch and sniff up your bowel walls