My First Words (from The Man Who Could Talk)
by Eric Belgum

The new on-line novel by Erik Belgum ( appears in serialized monthly installments on the preeminent Alt-X literary site located at beginning in June 1995!

GAWK THE GAWK as Charles Clark Clark Clark comes alive repeatedly under extenuating verbal circumstances.

WEEP AND LAUGHOUTLOUD at the repeated and tragic delivery room demise of Dr. Bugdoctor.

SWOON TO THE BEEP as Charles Clark Clark Clark learns to speak and feels the manipulation of those who want him to speak.

FEAR AND PAIN for our young Charles Clark Clark Clark in his first real job at the hey hey heinous business known as Mr. Incorporated

LAUGHOUTLOUD AND DIE OF SHOCK at Mr. Clark's raucous stories of world history and his own sordid past

GAT YERSELF NAUSEATED at Charles' employment at Mr. Incorporated, under the tanned three piece supervision of boss Rich Prick

EYEWITNESSIZE the older Charles Clark Clark Clark monitor the visionary and apocalyptic broadcasts of the flat voiced man.

TINGLE WITH YOUR UNHOLY GLOW PANTS to the inspirational renegade broadcasts of Ffffffather George

WEEP AND SQUIRM at the tragic delivery room demise of Dr. Bugdoctor. What? Again?

SUICIDE YOURSELF as Charles Clark Clark Clark broadcasts at home, throwing his voice and creating ventroliquist radio broadcasts.

POWER TOOL THRILL over Charles Clark Clark's indifference to history and geography learned through years years years of juicy lies

WRETCH OUT YOUR UNEARTHLY GUTS at his vocal and verbal prowess and ability to induce mass hysteria and physically harmful reactions among his religiously dedicated, masochistic audiences.

CHOP YOUR OWN GOSH DARN HEAD OFF WITH AN AX as his ventriloquist performances with long time pet and dummy Charles Pig become as hazardous to attend as they are legendary.

. . . of course not necessarily in this order.

What are you waiting for?