Art Show
by Michelle Albert


I'm traveling around the country visiting friends and when I get to your town, you invite me to stay at your house. We spend the evening drinking wine and talking. We're buzzed and happy by the time we call it a night. I go to the bathroom and when I come out you're standing in the hall. I smile. Goodnight, I say. Goodnight, you say.

But neither of us moves and the distance between us feels silly. I think, there is no reason for this awkwardness.

So I say, Okay, one more time. Goodnight. And I smile and step closer to you and we hug. A tentative hug, but then we wrap our arms around each other a little tighter.

I had fun tonight, you say. We make small talk, make little jokes. My face is buried in your neck and my eyes are shut tight. I run my hands down your back. You do the same and pull me in closer and I can feel that you're hard.

We were trying to pretend it was just a platonic goodnight hug but we can't anymore and you moan, grab my shoulders and push me against the wall. You squeeze my hands and kiss my face, my neck. I tilt my head back and shudder. I whisper, Fuck me.

You yank my shirt above my breasts, squeeze them, kiss them, bite them. Then you tug my shorts and panties down to my ankles. I kick one leg free and you run your hands up my calves, thighs, spreading my legs as you go. I reach into your shorts and pull out your dick and you drive yourself into me. Hard. I wrap my arms around your back, dig my nails into your skin, bite your shoulder.

You thrust into me deeper, drive into me like you're trying to nail me to the wall. And I feel myself sinking into the plaster, feel the wall crumbling behind me. With each thrust I sink deeper and deeper.

And that's where your girlfriend finds me the next day -- embedded in the wall, spread-eagled, shorts and underpants wrapped around one ankle, shirt pushed up under my chin. I'm protruding from the wall like some hideous erotic bas relief.

What do you think? you ask her.

A bit extreme. Very lifelike, though, she says, and runs her hands over my face, breasts, belly. I like it. Not your usual taste.

I got it for you. You smile at her. I was thinking of you when I hung it here last night.