An Atmospheric Avalanche
by Warren Peece

Playing the Powertext.
       Digital Nomad.
       Forecasting the future.
       Power costs money and power makes money (religiously). The crux of the biscuit is not in what gets bit, but what bytes.
       Binary rules .
       But for those who prioritize pleasure in the name of Internal Oblivion (intellectual chaos), the response is: Who has time to make money?
       And therein lies the dilemma.
       Money, power, time, pleasure. But pleasure is elusive...
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       Juggling ones organs in anticipation of what bumps-in-the-road we might want to hit next, there almost seems to exist some kind of unreal ability to overinflate the market with manmade atmospheres filled to the brim with hype, an avalanche of mediated hype that we can all immediately relate to.
       A huge marketing-machine's engine perfectly programmed to maintain optimum levels of self-reflexivity, something that we can all immediately relate to when we look in the mirror, put on the make-up and upgrade the fake-out.
       I am what I am: a new revenue stream model, a marketable skills-set, a diverse portfolio of relationship capital.
       But if speed is a function of time, and my growth curve seems to be moving in slow-motion, does this mean I am free to do as I please?