by Steve Tomasula

Seventy-five hundred generations of sapiens, then a day trip to the museum and another argument, now over. Circle put her head on Square's shoulder (an ancient cliche), the scent of her hair close (still pressing the right buttons). Stirrings within, beginning again--What?

Square peg in a round hole?
Pistil and

Albrecht Altdorfer never wondered, painting Lot screwing his daughter. Fucking was dark back in 1510, what made man animal--Pan copulating with goats and anything else he could catch--not spiritual, and so always man was shown mounting the woman from behind (making the beast with two backs, as Shakespeare put it), often upright: a thousand years of authors and painters and clergymen and just plain folks who were sure it was satyrs and gardens and oysters and horny nature--

A fashion       
 a style

         --a bestial act--and could imagine it no other way (though they themselves never fucked "doggie style"--how our language dates us!). But today, where the main sexual organ was the brain and making love as polysemous as language? ...

         Roses are Red

                  Violets are--

         Who's on top? ...

Unless forgiveness could be found, after all, in four letters--A-G-C-T's of amino acids?--bodies making what bodies always made of language, the pre-larynx--

"Come," imprinted on a single partner (cementing the pair bond). A softening in Circle's eyes, call it dilation, indicating that she was receptive. Hearts and flowers. And, 186,000 years of conditioning; the Pavlovian dog within secretes catecholamines.

Estrodiol binds to estrogen receptors. Moonlit Serenade. Likewise, testosterone washes cellular organization of the male variety, hypothalamus, vaso-dilation following strictly the double-helix law, hearts also anticipating exertion--precipitating vaso congestion of spongy tissue--beating within the law of the letter, the alpha and omega of cells propagating themselve--motive without mind--his bilateral symmetry having suggested to her, unawares, a high probability of average gametes, average being more desirable than Valentines for its lack of irregularities, likewise, her clear complexion, 0.7 hip-to-waist ratio and sound teeth--a biology of selection often pronounced by these apes, naked, "love"?