from "Enormously Important"
by Mark Peters

for Peter Balestrieri

This book ROCKS!

With a complete filmography of his movie and television roles!

Mark Peters, journalist to high society, knows the sordid secrets of the very rich. Now he turns his penetrating gaze to a courtroom in Los Angeles, witnessing the trial of the century unfold before his startled eyes. As the infamous case and characters begin to take shape, and a range of celebrities from Frank Sinatra to Heidi Fleiss share their own theories of the crime, Peters bears witness to the ultimate perversion of principle and the most amazing gossip machine in Hollywood–all wrapped in a marvelously addictive true-to-life tale of love, rage, and ruin . . .

Move over Dr. Ruth!

Mark may not know much, but he knows the difference between chicken shit and chicken salad.

Enormously Important is a trip to the other side of sanity.


"My most important goal in writing cookbooks is to help make wholesome, delicious food accessible to as many people as possible," Peters writes in his introduction. "Ultimately," he explains, "we want to be nourished well with food that tastes great. And we want cooking and eating to be fun." Toward that end, Enormously Important presents vegetarian recipes for soups, breads, sauces, dips, spreads, entrees, and desserts, influenced by a wide variety of ethnic cooking styles - everything from Corn Chowder and Amaretto Cheesecake with Chocolate Cookie Crust to Brazilian Stuffed Peppers and Szechwan Tofu Triangles in Triple Pepper Sauce.

Books make the best listeners, the experts say.

Brought to life ancient Greece and especially vivid battle scenes.

I wish every grade school teacher would run out and read Mark Peters's Enormously Important. If many of them took Peters' advice seriously we would have at the very least a poetry revolution, not to mention the possibility that a lot of kids would start having a good time at school.

Don't just read this book; memorize it. Repeat anything Peters quotes at any time in any situation, at any volume, and you'll be way too cool for school.

As Mark Peters gets older, his girlfriends get younger. Usually they leave him to go back to school.

Black Sabbath or Mark Peters? Who would you rather go see?

This book has an R rating, richly deserved, for language and nudity in a nightclub sequence.

This important book should be read by parents raising children of all ages and of both sexes.


Mark and his girlfriend are looking for willing young women to experiment with them sexually.

Mark Peters is a fabulous storyteller. Enormously Important is an extravagant collision of art and nature, as American as all get-out, funny and sexy.

Mark's image gnaws at my vitals. And unless he yields to my carnal desires I shall dwindle away into a shadow.

Comic, macabre, knockout, nightmarish, ironic, bawdy, illogical, formless, Shavian.

Mark is waiting for you in the tool shed.

I plan to corner Mark when he comes home from work, wearing nothing but a black leather bra and thong, holding the whip in my right hand, and chucks in the left hand. As soon as the door is closed, I am going to tell him to strip down to ABSOLUTELY nothing, and lie on the bed. I'll quietly slip on the rubber gloves and give him a HUGE JACK ANTHONY enema, and then proceed to whip him, and sexually frustrate him...(oh dear lord)....OH SHIT

The tell-all true crime shocker.

I read this book many, many years ago and have always wanted to obtain my own copy, and to read it again. I found this book to be UTTERLY FASCINATING . . . interesting and a good giggle in places. The author clearly knows his subject, and one learns, for instance, the mystery behind Cinderella's glass slipper. It is NOT only a book for people with foot fetishes. It's a great read and I would recommend it to anyone. I can assure you that after reading this book, you will start noticing the shoes people wear . . . as certain types of people wear certain types of shoes . . . SO TRUE! I just LOVE men in BOOTS!! Read all about it for yourselves!!!! (It will probably make you rush out and buy "appropriate" shoes!!!)

If anyone understands female masturbation, it's Mark Peters.

The task for the Lakers is to move on and start focusing on basketball once again. This is where Mark Peters comes into play. The key for Mark will be whether he is in shape or not. If Mark is in shape and playing the way he can play, the Lakers are going to be an extremely, extremely tough basketball team to beat. It's that simple.

No myth is more imposing than the Great American novel; but if it is truly attainable, I believe that Mark Peters made a closer approach than any other writer has, before or since.

You may find yourself watching the skies a little more intently, or even checking under the bed before you go to sleep.

Mark Peters won the 1997 Anthony Award for best mystery, and Enormously Important is among the hard-boiled best of 1998. An African American attorney famous for suing the LAPD for brutality just got killed, and gumshoe Harry Bosch must catch the gunman, squash Internet crime, sort friend from foe, and avoid igniting an L.A. riot. Bosch picked the wrong week to stop smoking!

Following in his brilliant father's footsteps, Mark Peters became a distinguished writer and (alas) a serious drinker. His latest book, Enormously Important, is an ironic, affecting memoir in which he records the alcoholic and sexual excesses of his youth as well as his rather rugged road to sobriety.

Peters is to writing what Muhammad Ali was to boxing or what Pele was to soccer.

Mark Peters? He's dead or something.

A masterful account of the growth of the human soul.

Combining scintillating humor with incredible research, Mark Peters has created a most unusual sourcebook for the nineties; a veritable encyclopedia of scientific fact, colorful folklore, and enduring myths about the part of the anatomy important to the male of every species.

Mark will make both heads spin.

Tremendous in scope, breathtaking in its suspense, Enormously Important is unlike any other book you have ever read. It is a mystery story, not about the murder of a man's body, but about the murder–and rebirth–of man's spirit.

My mom is on her way to visit today so I gotta toss Enormously Important in a hiding spot.

Peters has written an incredibly powerful, purposeful story. This book isn't for the squeamish.

One of the most powerful, most enduring proletarian novels ever published in the United States.

Of all the abuses of Peters' rights, none is so monumental as the denial of his constitutional right to defend himself during his murder trials. This is the violation from which all others flow, since Peters' trials and ensuing convictions and incarceration are, in fact, not even legal. Mark Peters is one of the most (if not the most) unjustly imprisoned persons in the history of the United States.

Buy Peters's book and read it aloud faithfully, until all of you, young and old, have shared and incorporated into your vision of America the heroic, unique and visionary contribution women have made to the history of these United States.

Now that Mark Peters has confessed to 17 grotesque murders, his troubling history of alcoholism, sex offenses, and bizarre behavior raises a troubling question: Why wasn't he stopped?

We're not talking about superhero escapist fantasies, or funny animal stories.

Wow! What an amazing story!

Deep themes of womanhood, exquisite writing. A fascinating story.

Behind all the headlines there was one fascinating man. This is his story.

Sad, giggly Peters tells his story.

A bastion of political thought, a good read in a boring class, a waste of paper, an insult to the university, a forum for creativity–Enormously Important means different things to different students.

Kids pour out their true feelings to Mark Peters–not Mom and Dad, says new study!

Mark kicks ass in the looks department so screw you if you think he's ugly!!! Oh, now *there's* a really intelligent response to a feeble subject . . .


It doesn't suck!!

Mark Peters is the sort of writer who inspires even poker-faced reviewers to grin and start dusting off superlatives.

Complete with photos, never-before-published documents and in-depth interviews with his closest friends and colleagues, Enormously Important is a fascinating portrait of a man who has lived a life seldom matched in fact or fiction; a man who has triumphed over illness, tragedy and even death; a man who is, above all, a survivor.

Like four other books that I've read of Mark Peters, you can't put it down. Enormously Important is different, the world of the castrati was new to me. I find this book interesting and suspenseful.

Mark Peters has nothing to say, but says it so sweetly.

There is no doubt that he is bursting at the seams with talent.


Required reading for anyone interested in things that come in bunches of ten!

I had no idea how fascinating weather could be. White knuckle, breathless, page-turning tension.


Mark ROX . . . You're just wishing you could be as beautiful and talented as he is–all of you who say you hate him!! I've met him personally so I know he's nothing of the trash you claim he is! Mark has had a hard life and it's ignorant people like you who can't respect/understand that! Well, I love Mark and all he stands for. I love his books and his attitude 'cause that's part of him . . . which is great, we can't all always be in a good mood. So - I'm glad I got to speak my mind on that, thanx!!