Method: roasted ayu over hot coals, skewered and salted, particularly on its fins and head : fire-dried: salt-preserved: ayuzushi (fermented ayu and rice): uruka (ovaries, spermary and other internal organs preserved in salt): segoshi namasu (ayu sashimi with vinegared miso): broth for summer noodles: ayu caught with full egg sacs just before spawning, rolled in konbu (giant kelp), and boiled with soy sauce and other seasonings: ayu-shaped sponge cake stuffed with sweet green-bean jam: soft bones good for eating: a diet of algae makes ayu smell good, ayu are "aromatic fish" (ko-gyo)
Tomoya Akimichi, "Queen of Freshwater Streams," Kikkoman Food Forum. Undated. June 2 2004. http://www.kikkoman.com/forum/010/ff010.html