December 9, 1999

BOULDER --- The Alt-X Online Network, founded in late 1993 as a site where "the digerati meet the literati," is happy to announce that our Founder and Director, Mark Amerika, has been invited to participate in the Whitney Biennial 2000. The list of artists invited to participate in the event was released to the New York Times yesterday.

Amerika 's online narrative, GRAMMATRON, is a story about cyberspace, Cabala mysticism, digicash paracurrencies and the evolution of virtual sex in a society afraid to go outside and get in touch with its own nature. According to the artist, "GRAMMATRON depicts a near-future world where stories are no longer conceived for book production but are instead created for a more immersive networked-narrative environment that, taking place on the Web, calls into question how a narrative is composed, published and distributed in the age of digital dissemination."

The GRAMMATRON web site has attracted over one million visitors since it was first released in 1997 and was an immediate Internet sensation with feature articles and reviews in the New York Times, The Village Voice, Wired, MSNBC's The Site, Reuters International and Time Digital. The project has been exhibited in over 20 international art shows including the Ars Electronica Festival, the International Symposium of Electronic Art, SIGGRAPH, the Guggenheim's "Cyberatlas" show, the Adelaide Arts Festival "FOLDBACK" show in South Australia, and "Virtual Worlds 98" held in Paris.

Amerika's most recent web art project, entitled PHON:E:ME, is on exhibit at the Walker Art Center and was commissioned by the Walker Art Center's Gallery 9 with additional funding from the Australia Council for the Arts New Media Fund and the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art in Western Australia. The PHON:E:ME CD, available in limited signed editions at the Alt-X site, was funded by a grant from the Jerome Foundation. For more information about the artist or the various art projects mentioned in this release, please send email to