Who Are We This Time Amerika Online


A VR installation by Jeffrey Shaw, whose Legible City installation pleasantly wore us out at the Guggenheim Soho over Labor Day weekend this year, now places us on a revolving platform with a self-activated steering mechanism that moves us in a 360 degree turn with zoom in and zoom out capability so that we can navigate into a wide variety of static landscapes forever interrupted by floating textual strands whose indeterminate meanings, a mix of language poetry and Wittgensteinian soundbite investigation, are triggered by speaking into a microphone embedded into the steering unit. We are so immersed in the darkness of our brains that the project's "virtual light" teleports us out of where we are now and into hinterlands we never thought to imagine. We like this feeling and are surprised when we realize that our cybernautical adventure is grating on other people's nerves who, having patiently waited for us to disembark, are now carrying on a loud conversation in French where the prefixes "hyper" and "sur" stand out against the grain of our typically Amerikan brains.