Who Are We This Time Amerika Online


We give a demonstration of a near beta-version of GRAMMATRON at Duke University and some of our academic friends in the developing theory-scene there try to reprimand us for losing touch with something they call "agency": when we press them for details on what exactly they mean, they turn on their specialized jargon and try to explain to us that computer machines don't change the situation of the poor people in Third World countries and that our perceived computer "revolution" is just another shift in the overall trends of the late-capitalist marketplace and that if we want REAL revolution we need to get back in touch with REAL people in REAL PHYSICAL SPACE.

Well, we tell them, being real people who live in real physical spaces ourselves, WE CAN RELATE TO WHAT THEY ARE SAYING.

And by the way, we ask them, why the attitude?

Oh, they tell us, do you have any idea how hard it is to get a good job in the universities these days?

Now everything is clear, we think to ourselves, this is all about jobs and money and living the good life.

Do poor people in Third World countries even have time to think about these things?