aberration: in a lens, a deviation of rays of light from a normal path (see "queer theory"

accelerator: a chemical addition to a developer to hasten its work (look under "stolen")

aperture: the clear space in the lens which allows the light to pass into the camera

(camera: chamber. I was in love with you, caro mio, I'd been writing into the room(s) of O'Hara's "Personal Poem." You seemed very far away. Following? Ahead of. It was later where you were. He had been in love a long time now. Perhaps we can say that every poem is marked by its own...anniversaries, real (though various and, under revision, shifting)--perhaps I wandered….)

astigmatism: an aberration in a lens (theory, as in queered through)

astrophotography: photography applied to the celestial bodies ("we don't like / Henry James so much we like Herman Melville / we don't want to be in the poets' walk...…") ("We were in a beautiful old picture, we were in a beautiful old tale…" or, earlier: "I recognized not only the influence, in my adventure, of the grand style, but the familiar identity of this consecrated nook, which was so much of the type of all the bemused and remembered.")

(Remember: I expected this stuff to write itself. Calling. The house held up. Construction ongoing on a single part. How to open, not collapse. 'She took a deep breath.' They were buried there, under an attractive surface eloquent as to possible depths.)

It was later where you were. Just ask.