Query ("the celestial bodies")

 Suppose a star system functioning as a personal mythology or symbolism ("you look up and who's there?") ("easy..."), distinctions--still--within: Lana Turner turning (falling/hopefully rising) solely as (sun)sign while the Lady Day is incarnate/immortal on/in/by the breath of the poet she 'takes away.' Distinctions, differences, the layered circles of our catagorizing. "Hypertext," a friend remarks, "always seems to be happening somewhere else." O'Hara's project could be viewed as a contstellation of strategies toward the impossible sense of presence--of now--not just in writing but life (written 'down'). But the present restored, New York school, is the writer's. A memo, re: our own? But the double doesn't so much steal identity as open an understanding of its instability: the appropriations involved in any act of identification. Wandering Is, stars, or starred--as the text is "starred" (Barthes)--the unfixed self (sitting in "Moriarty's": under the sign of the detective's evil equal) waits ("I wait") (to wait for: to be in love with)--here-ing or [over]hear[ing] the trepidation of the spheres (and his own assigned place within)--attending not "the blond" but one whose name in the poem, like O'Hara's "I," now frames or 'bookmarks,' as we say, the site of a slippage. "The symbolic," notes Agamben, "the act of recognition that reunites what is divided, is also the diabolic that continually transgresses and exposes the truth of this knowledge..."--he goes on to suggest that due to the "original fracture of presence...inseparable from the Western experience of being...all that comes to presence comes there as to the place of a deferral and an exclusion, in the sense that its manifestation is simultaneously a concealment, and its being present, a lack...Only because presence is divided and unglued is something like 'signifying' possible..." (Stanzas, 136). "While I was writing it I realized I could use the telephone instead of writing the poem...."