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   Born in 1965, John Klima became interested in computer animated 3D technology and programming. He received his BFA at State University of New York, College at Purchase; Concentration in Photography under Jan Groover. Some of his past and present exhibitions are represented in Artport, The Web Site of The Whitney Museum of American Art, Postmasters Gallery, Media Z Lounge, The New Museum of Contemporary Art, White Columns Gallery, Daejeon Municipal Museum of Art,The Whitney Biennial, Museum of Communication, The Moving Image Gallery, artFutura 2001, MediaTera , EVO-1, Gallery-L, among others. His work has been shown globally and has received much critical acclaim. He has received numerous grants and awards for his unique work including the alt.interface grant from, for Context Breeder , a java based genetic search algorithm and spherical three dimensional interface.
   John Klima’s work explores visual representations of data. He has applied this approach to create artistic and visually stimulating pieces which represent search technology, terrain weather systems, military movements, global markets and currency, music and sound, behavior and genetics, etc. Most of his works are gallery installations that make use of real-time network data to create dynamically updating visual projections and sculptures. His Internet work makes unique use of java applets and VRML technology. Some pictures of his installations, examples of Internet works, interviews and other information can be found at:

Political Landscape, Emotional Terrain