(an anthology )

1. Dirty Little Secrets by Walt Benjamin and Bert Brecht

2. Untitled by Alan Ross Gregory

3. Structural Adjustment Programme by Matthew Fuller

4. GenderFuckMeBaby's Palace of Unparalleled Cynicism by Gashgirl

5. Anonymity: A Girl's Best Friend? by Lori Gluck

6. Alan Hero hears labia applause by Lily James

7. Seks by Bayard Johnson

8. The Seasons by Alexander Laurence

9. Excerpt from Dra--- by Stacey Levine

10. Piss Manifesto by Mandie B.

11. Killoween Skunk Pumpkin Bark Mulch & Beaver Club by Nile Southern

12. from SIM2/RE.LA.VIR by Jan Ramjerdi

13. The Birth of Doug Rice by Doug Rice

12. from 98.6 by Ronald Sukenick

13. In the Days of Liberation by Don Webb