Wake up stop this is it drop everything stop all this is a

message you've been reading now throw it away stop the

wind is blowing the tide is flowing stop finish up and get

out stop this is this this is this stop that's that Sailor hoists

the sail where we going thinks R no knowing thinks


Sailor I'm frightened thinks R have faith thinks Sailor

have you done this before thinks R I do it all the time we

all do it all the time thinks Sailor are you frightened

thinks R no thinks Sailor what's going to happen thinks

R ontday onay thinks Sailor otway oodshay eyeay ooday


thinks R ooklay earhay eelfay ellsmay aystay thinks Sailor

the wind fills the sail the boat moves out with the tide sun

low over mountains of Catalina in western sky a brilliant

white line appears fuzzing at edges rocket trail freak cloud

jetritus blown by upper wind takes on curves and loops

of an illegible calligraphy sun going down over Catalina


blue gold orange sky scribble changing in wind letters

form AURLZY then OSSRY then QSORRZY sun down

band of gold band of orange Q S ORR Y sky darkens in

east cloud doodle takes shape of hand a hand offered or

waving or pointing Q in palm the word SORRY emerges


turns many colors in the sun fading from upper sky

striations of blue red violet orange SORRY blows away

hand flushes with color dissolves takes on contour of blue

whale stars out in east whale luminous becomes boat hull

becomes pointer pointing seaward this way out becomes

question mark becomes ghostly white seabird wings sweeping


sky endures to night stars boat rocks like a cradle way

out R's emptiness floods with flow of S's mind sky dark sea

wash salt smell wave spray ebbs into vacancy around him

the cradle rocks this way this way he's coming close an

alarm rings not an alarm a sound a shadow of a sound i


approaches o io is yo no more leeway 987654321 wake up

this way this way this way this way this way this way this

				way out this

				   way out


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	Ronald Sukenick    Cover    All About OUT