zero he gets back in his car drives south on the freeway he
hits severe wind conditions coming down from the mountains
a hot dry wind that slams into the car carrying sand

and grit drives heavy clouds of dust toward the ocean he's
terribly thirsty enormous balls of tumbleweed go bouncing
across the highway. Santanna says a gas station attendant

bad for the fires the roads are blocked south and east when
he hits the coast he sees a blackish-reddish cloud moving
over the hills hanging out over the ocean snowing grey

ashes the heat is exhausting he stops at a motel in Balboa
with the sign of a nesting eagle it has a patio overlooking
the ocean he wants a place where he can hear the waves

breaking the motel is called The Balboa Egress--Another
New Vacancy Motel.
	Pixie's apartment is on the second floor across the patio

at right angles their bedrooms have a common wall. The
name on the mailbox is W. A. Sprakk W. A. Sprakk is
also known as W. A. Spat alias W. A. Spawn alias W. A.

Sprat alias Whitney Asparagus alias W. H. Aspic alias
W. Asperin her husband is a well built blond lout heavy
suntan he leaves at eight A.M. sometimes with suitcase

sometimes stays away several days seems to be part of his
job. The way they fuck is she never wants it tells him he's
a bore that's all he wants from her he doesn't love her why

doesn't he jerk off with his surfboard he's just a stupid jock
he has no refinement get away from me dammit you're not
getting anything off me no no not again oh shit oh god oh

my god give it to me I love you that's her thing. His thing
is come on cunt cut the crap lie down I'm horny he only
grunts once when he comes like a man driving home a


spike otherwise it's all Pixie moaning grunting yelling R
can hear it all through the cinderblock as he masturbates
their beds must be right next to one another on either side

of the wall before long R is in love he always falls in love
in bed he digs watching her sunbathe in the patio especially
when she turns over and unties her bikini top so he

can see the sides of her tits once or twice even a blond
nipple sometimes he gets her in his binoculars while he's
scanning the ocean for whales what he likes about her is

she's so refined she gives piano lessons in the afternoon.
	There's a bowl of fresh sage on the table I. Askew
introduces him R. Arr Iz Iz is a sharp dresser snappy as a

hound's tooth glad tameechiz says Iz he has one of those
old time Brooklyn accents R feels close to Iz right away
R feels Iz has something to teach him. Sailor is next Sailor

looks a little like Popeye bulging biceps knobby elbows
pipe tatoos grizzly hair he knots unknots a length of rope
 R. Arr Sailor yo says Sailor. Next comes colorful Remarkable

Ramona a good looking lady still young seductive
voluptuous dressed like a piece of meat mini motley deep
dish decollete hi there says Remarkable Ramona. Felix

Feelie is a foxy man foolproof animal eyes funny fleshy
face it's not funny he feels R's cheeks with the tips of his
fingers you have problems like everybody says Felix Feelie

shake he gives R the thumbshake R goes around exchanging
thumbshakes with everyone sits down next to Iz. R is
an eye says I. Askew I ask you as an eye how is he coming

	Felix Feelie runs his hand down R's back across his
his belly he's like a knot somebody untie him says

Felix Feelie.
	Sailor lifts his nose sniffs like a dog in R's direction he
don't smell right to me Sailor knots unknots his rope.


	Whakina bullshitchew kiddin me says Iz. Not a knot
just not. Not yet. He got no taste fuh chrise sake who's
kiddin who. I bin true dis trip catch da Sea Beach Express

at Turdy-Fort. Strictly BMT. Baby Misses Tit. Bowel
Movement Training. Bar Mitzvah Tomorrow. Bite My
Tochus. Dint I know you in 2B. P.S. 101.

	Well 2B or not 2B it's da same ting. Yuh still aint says Iz.
	I'm getting news from the Interior sh-h-h says Remarkable

Ramona. Relinquish imperishable imponderables.
U.R. Ur. What goes in must come out. Wake up to the
present the promised land.

	What's that mean.
	Don't know wait there's more. February 9. Go to the
beach. 10. That's all.

	I really dig you says R.
	Of course he digs her he's from the east. He's got an
 interiority complex says Felix Feelie.

	Sailor puts a kindly hand on R's arm get lost he says
	Hot day. Beaches filled with bearded boys their dogs

girls in teasing bikinis proud of tits bulging around tiny
loose tops nipples pushing through openknit bottoms
below crack of ass sunripe cheeks. Happy flesh. Death is

not inherent in life but in specialization thinks R. Animals
not complexly specialized have a greater capacity for
regeneration. There's so much exposed flesh on the beach it

reveals itself to R as a generality something deep in his gut
responds to this generality he smiles at some of it it's blond
it smiles back.

	Nice day says R far out she says she could be anywhere
between sixteen and thirty R sits down she's sitting up on
her towel her top two loose triangles that play hide and seek


with her tits a wave crashes been swimimng says R
	Before is it cold you get used to it.
	See any whales says R not swimming saw some from the

beach today they're really neat she leans on her elbow a
nipple pops out she pushes it back unruly thing smiles a
wave crashes shaking the beach R points to her Mr.

Natural comics reading.
	In this sun wow I can't even think they watch the surfers
for a while a half hour passes the sea crashes gee this is fun

isn't it she says.
	Yes it is says R after a while after a while he says that's a
nice bathing suit she smiles he takes her hand they lay

back he can hear her breathing deepen she releases his
hand I think I'll turn over she turns over would you untie
my string he unties it she works her top out from under her

hands it to him could you put that over there now both of
them are breathing deeply a half hour passes the sea crashes
wow this is fun isn't it she says.

	Let's go for a walk says R okay could you hand me my
top please.
	For a kiss says R she smiles okay she says she pushes her

breasts against his chest they kiss keep kissing they stop
you're a really neat dude she says. They get up for a walk
where we going she says I don't know says R they walk

through the town in bare feet and bathing suits end up at
R's car he drives into one of the canyons above the town
then off on a smaller road that leads into the rangeland in

the hills and ends they get out where we going she says
don't know says R they stumble into a grass lined gully
she takes off her top lies back around them meadowlarks

chuck doubletongue and gurgle there's a rank almost shitty
smell this is real trippy she says R is uptight he grabs her
hand look I'm not exactly an ascetic but you're getting a


little ahead of me what's ascetic mean she says R
doesn't answer.
	Don't you think I'm sexy she says you're so sexy it's not

even sexy says R I mean we haven't even talked.
	Don't talk do she says he embraces her do R thinks to
himself do that's too simple he takes her bottoms off  I

can't make this he says.
	Why not she says it's too easy I'm not used to things
being so easy he kicks his bathing suit off starts doing rubs

his penis against her wet crack fondles her nipples she
climbs on top comes down after a while he stops doing his
body starts doing things he didn't know it could do he's

sitting up she on his lap facing him he feels like he's way up
into her womb he feels it clutching and unclutching as
she starts to come he leans back onto a soft mound just in

the right place he pumps up and down using it for leverage
he feels unbelievably huge it's coming he holds it back
it's coming he holds it back coming he holds he can't hold

it comes it comes in such a long uninterrupted spurt he
wonders where it comes from his whole body is in it all
his feeling is in it his mind drains down into it then it

comes again and then again and then again when he's
finished it comes out of nowhere one more time his mind
goes with it for a minute he almost stops thinking

completely maybe completely what bliss all he knows is her
womb still clutched tight around his cock and then it
comes again. He stretches back arms over head his belly

starts shaking a spasm rises into his chest his gullet another
out his mouth it's a laugh he starts laughing he laughs and
laughs then she catches it she starts hugs him both of them

roIIing on the ground laughing he rolls off the mound
beneath him it's a pile of horseshit it's all over his back it
stinks he points to it it's good luck he says they laugh even


harder he flops on it rolls in it on his belly they laugh so
hard they can't stand it tears are coming out their eyes
soon they start crying what are you crying about he says.

	Don't know what are you she sobs don't know how you
	Good full you she says good happy empty they drive

back can't talk sorry he says you don't have to why not.
	Too empty he says he drops her at her car I think l'm
getting simpler I think a lot of us are getting simpler

ontogeny reproduces phylogeny is the reverse true R thinks
to himself what's your name he asks today Trixie tomorrow
Pixie she says she drives away.

	R wakes up Pixie is doing her thing but she's alone
W. A. Sprakk left with his suitcase R can hear the bed
springs creaking Pixie moaning again again love me don't

love me don't love me don't love me after a while a groan
it stops R is in love he can't stand it he writes her a note
it goes U.O.I. seen the white ass i.d. familiar if so I demand

bare truth here's a wet crack why is the fox devoid because
he fox himself empty let me fill you in M. T. Focks he
sneaks it into her mailbox. So next day he walks by her

chaise in the patio was that Chopin you were playing
yesterday says R.
	Why yes.

	I like the way you play.
	Thank you.
	Do you think you'd like to play with me sometime.

	Do you play an instrument.
	Then I don't understand.

	From the first time I saw you I knew I'd like you.
	That's very sweet.
	Is your husband away.


	Yes he is.
	You must be a little lonely.
	A little.

	Perhaps you could use a little company this evening.
	That's possible what's your name.
	M.T. Focks.

	I don't care if he shits you call this a soft sell. Are
you the one who sent this weird mash note she pulls out
a crumpled piece of paper. What language you speak

anyhow eskimo you must be some kinda nut.
	I love you.
	Love my ass you send me another one a these I'm gonna

call the fuckin cops I mean you got a nerve on you she
balls up the note throws it at him goes in starts playing
loud patriotic numbers on her piano.

	R goes to his room. Riots in the cities. There's been a
violent escalation of the peace effort. The police are
shooting Chicanos in Los Angeles. The borders are closed

to anyone under thirty or "colored" a new official classi-
fication. Oil. Last major Pacific Coast nesting colony of the
great blue heron. Seal rookeries thousands of volunteers

struggled. Pick up birds and clean their feathers. "Maybe
three per cent. All this may be completely helpless."

than 600,000 harpooned and cut up. Blue whale largest
creature ever probably over the brink. MOBY DICK WAS

really tell you why the ordinary man is so fascinated by
these animals" he said recently. A glimpse of a hump the
sight of a spout maybe a look at the flukes smashing down.

I can't explain the universal interest or empathy or
whatever it is. From Jonah to Moby Dick. You should hear
how quiet they get sort of awed. Some blues can be seen


	R watches the sunset. In front of his view of the sunset
is a billboard of the sunset. Imminence of horror absence

of joy. Strange huge footprints have been discovered in
the northwest. R has the itch to travel again he feels
slightly insecure about being in California as if the whole

thing is liable to break off and sink at any time. He listens
to the silence of the ocean the near silence of the ocean.
The ocean seems to speak but not quite like music its

voice rises toward speech then descends

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