Wake up. Everything up to here has been a movie. 
	What's going on where am I. 
	Hi. Experience is a code to be broken by the 
intelligence. I'm from the intelligence. Get your hands up. 
	Do you have to point that at me. What do you want.

	Tell me your dreams. Lie back on the couch keep your 
hands up his head looks like a skull scalp shaved sharp nose
thin lips behind thick glasses his eyes appear to bulge 
blue-white immobile his body is covered by a long black 
gown go on he says.

	Black men chase me through high school corridors up 
and down the cross hatched iron steps.
	Go on.
	They aren't enemies possibly they're friends. 
	Go on.

	Hairy Nose shadows the White Asp dead fish eyes. A 
bubble pops a cat stretches a petal falls. Your mother 
thinks she's queen shit.
	Go on.
	When I wake up I'm on vacation but we have trouble

with the luggage in the elevator and then the cab driver 
won't start. What moves you I ask he says Dinah might.
	Go on.
	My girl friend disappears these things happen.
	Go on.

	That's all Skuul nods.
	The black men want to take over the high school and 
you're not black it's nothing personal says Skuul. Actually 
they are sympathetic and helpful. The two strange characters 
keep an eye on one another they cancel out. Later the

shadow become the shadowed naturally they use aliases. 
One carries a fish home for dinner probably flounder. 
Before dinner he visits his wife's boudoir bubble bath pet 
cat flowers. He's your father. Your mother is queen shit. In 
any case all this is a dream from which you then awake. The 

trouble with the elevator and the cabbie at the beginning 
of vacation shows how events conspire. It indicates a plot. 
The job of intelligence is to uncover this plot. Maybe 
Dinah is your girlfriend evidentally the cabbie likes her 
too. Her disappearance is really nothing so unusual these

things happen. Skuul nods. As you can see everything falls
into place.
	Thank you clarity at last.
	None of your lip Sukenick.
	I'm serious I don't know how to express my gratitude.

	I feel you are the kind of rare person one doesn't meet with 
very often nowadays.
	Well these are difficult times.
	I love you do you mind my saying that.
	No make a move and I'll plug you I'll blow your fucking

head off you'll be so much swiss cheese.
	How can I love you and not move.
	Don't love me says Skuul.
	All right I have a confession I made in my pants. Is that 

	It doesn't move me what did you make.
	Dirties. All kinds you'd like them pear-shaped square-
shaped chair-shaped bear-shaped air-shaped what moves you.
	Should I unzip my pants.

	Don't be a baby says Skuul.
	All right if you're so smart what's the answer.
	The answer is honest systematic investigation. Careful 
sifting of data painful word by word exegesis of evidence 
till the theory of it all starts to crystallize that will 

enlighten us as to cause and effect account for deviation 
rationalize history and explain the future. Such slow 
protracted effort may seem dull to you but I can assure 
you that discipline has its deep delight. Don't move.
	Of course but there are many disciplines you practice a

discipline of abstraction I practice a discipline of inclusion. 
You practice a discipline of reduction I of addition. You 
pursue essentials I ride with the random. You cultivate 
separation I union. You struggle toward stillness I rest in 

	Don't move.
	What divides us is a matter of temperament.
	You can move a little.
	And the consideration that abstraction is false reduction 
delusive essentials non-existent separation unnatural stillness 

	You're too shifty. I could fix you with my gun.
	But beyond that we're linked by delight. All art is based 
on delight yours as well as mine that's why I still love you.
	Are you gay.

	No just happy. I like to put things together I don't think 
it matters much what they are. Connection develops meaning 
falls away.
	This is stupid I'm leaving says Skuul.
	Don't go I need you.	

	For what.
	You're my connection.
	Sukenick why aren't you home writing your book.
	I've got a short circuit listen to this. This morning I get 
up I check the ocean out for whales as usual the young

housewife next door steps into the patio wearing an 
unbelievably short red minidress now get this SHE BENDS 
OVER to pet the cat she stays that way thighs hams crack 
all BARE and gleaming in the sun I can't believe it I focus 
the binoculars it's true it's true bare blond and beautiful I

have discovered the TRUTH and adjusting the binoculars 
make every effort to etch its lineaments on my mind forever 
but all such moments of enlightenment are as transitory 
as they are gratuitous she stands up. Now ever since 
then I don't want to write my book until I can find the

connection between it and the bare truth of my vision. 
Connect me Skuul teach me what I have to be taught.
	This was no accident says Skuul. My analysis is that the 
young woman also loves whales she too enchanted by the 
lazy grace of the flukes the gala spouts the intelligence of

their bulk the pure fact of such size fed by the warmth of 
one heart. Every morning she gets up and scans the sea one 
day she notices you at your window with your binoculars 
immediately distinguished from all the humdrum people 
around her who couldn't care less about whales. For days

she watches just as you watch watches with you soon 
watches you more than whales. While you watch only 
whales. So this morning she watches you and broods presses 
her thighs together separates them with her hand her husband 
is at the office watches broods at the window steps out

of her stepins and rubs. Her pussy reminds her of her 
pussycat she picks it out of its favorite corner in the kitchen 
near the stove goes into the yard drops it on the ground 
glances up at your window aims and bends over stays there 
till she feels your eyes burning into her soft hams branding

R on one S on the other bears the heat of it as long as she 
can then stands up and scurries back inside. Her name is 
Pixie. You love her. God knows what will happen tomorrow 
but much remains today for example when you leave 
here you meet Empty Fox. Now I have intelligence reports

associating this young woman Pixie with Empty Fox 
through the type of affinity group known as a soft cell. 
There's your connection.
	Skuul lowers his gun. Sukenick gets up and touches his 
shoulder your analysis is a work of art. It moves. It moves

me. It makes deep nonsense of my trivial sense.
	In other words I've failed again he hands over his gun 
Sukenick takes it aims at Skuul's forehead says your fate is 
failure mine is flux the top of Skuul's head disappears in a 
pink splash accompanied by a loud bang. 

	All this happens in Chamberlain South Dakota which is 
on the east bank of the Missouri River the Missouri is wide 
enough around here let me tell you get a ride in a semi 
across to Reliance all high barren bluffs on the other side 
that's where you leave the farms behind and the prairie

starts rough rolling scrubby cattle ranges and you start 
seeing them cowboy hats and there's always high mountains 
somewhere over the horizon and that's where the wind 
starts streaming glaciers rip out of the north slam into the 
highway pushing cars over a whole lane I get a ride in a

pickup truck have to just about lie flat in the bed not to get 
blown away I tell you that wind was aiming to blow South 
Dakota over into Nebraska and maybe the whole damn 
mess into the Gulf of Mexico we go through Kennebec 
Presho Vivian Murdo in Kadoka we stop to give a ride to

this Indian he leaps in huddles down into his denim jacket 
expressionless the truck cuts through the Badlands I jump 
from one side to the other to see the colors incredible 
formations far out he sits in the bottom of the truck eyes 
closed in Wall we stop for gas he opens his eyes. How-kola 

get your lousy bad prahna workshoes off my forty-two 
dollar Tony Lama boots he says. 
	Sorry I say I move my feet. 
	He nods. 
	I'm Ron Sukenick he holds out his hand we shake Empty 

Fox he says the truck starts by now the sun is going down 
the eastern sky is grey the moon is shining the west still 
full of light sky deep blue suddenly Empty Fox gets up stares 
intently over the cab of the truck into the sunset the east 
gets darker there are a few stars now the western horizon

explodes behind us black for a while we speed along on the 
edge between day and night the sky ahead luminous then 
darkness gulps us we careen toward the receding light as 
toward a final exit Empty Fox still staring into the west he 
touches my arm points there he says I see a line of jagged

darkness thrusting into the sky like the mountains of doom 
Black Hills says Empty Fox I go there the dark tunnel 
stretches to the horizon the exit recedes shrinks disappears 
it's night the wind dies ahead clusters of lights float in the 

	Coming into Rapid City says Empty Fox we stop for a 
hitchhiker he climbs into the truck very stiff we pull him 
up a short fellow with crew cut pasty pudgy face not young 
he has a small valise the truck drops the three of us on the 
outskirts of Rapid City the little fellow opens his valise

starts working with some struts and colored paper very 
quickly he has this box kite set up red and blue with small 
wings he gets in and takes off rises to the top of a tall 
cottonwood tree and gets off on a branch on one side starts 
climbing disappears on a branch opposite he's going to fall

disappears his head pokes out around a distant branch he
falls reappears at the very top of the tree disappears around
to the other side a foot comes out from behind a branch a
leg an arm waving then he reappears next to us on the
ground I hug him he seems rather grumpy pulls away

closes up his bag walks down the road he's a clown he's 
going to the circus a van pulls up looks like an old bakery 
truck full of silly teenage girls we throw them off drive into 
town we get off here I say we get off at a corner in front of 
a bar the van moves on we can see through the rear window 

that the driver's seat is empty on the back of the van 
it says the spirit moves us this is a dream Empty Fox's 
dream or maybe my dream the truck drops us off on the 
outskirts of Rapid City let's have a serious discussion says 
Empty Fox. What's your ambition.

	I want to write a book like a cloud that changes as it goes. 
	I want to erase all books. My ambition is to unlearn 
everything I can't read or write that's a start. I want to 
unlearn and unlearn till I get to the place where the ocean 
of the unknown begins where my fathers live. Then I want

to go back and bring my people to live beside that ocean 
where they can be whole again as they were before the 
Wasichus came. That's why I like to travel this way. I 
have money for a car I have been in many movies you see 
my boots also my stetson very expensive the best. I carry

nothing with me when I need something I buy when I 
finish with it I throw away these lousy Wasichu things 
anyway my Indian things my father keeps for me. Anyway I 
very much love good things even when they are Wasichu 
things. Anyway I like to travel hitching that way I don't

know the way to go I let Mr. Road take me. Maybe Mr. 
Road knows the way to go maybe not but I don't know it. 
I been all around the world that way Japan India I studied 
yoga but I never find the right way. Anyway I know I will 
find because I have the old Indian ways my father teaches

me my father is a medicine man very old he remembers 
Crazy Horse. Mr. Peyote helps me sometimes I take peyote 
since I was six my father gives it to me I can see things for 
example I saw you coming out of the Corn Palace in 
Mitchell this morning I wasn't there. Sometimes I have

visions like the vision you saw in the truck just before 
about the man who flew up to the tree that was my vision 
only I saw it through you. That vision has seven meanings 
only none of them are important what's important is the 
feeling of it you can't understand this. Anyway that was

your feeling in the vision. When I travel like this hunting 
the unknown I don't think you don't hunt Mr. Fox by 
thinking you become Mr. Fox. Anyway I don't think I let 
things think through me that way I travel very fast you 
can't understand this. Anyway if Mr. Road tells me to go

another way before then I go another way but he tells me 
to go to the Black Hills again I don't know that till I'm in 
the truck so I go to the Black Hills again which is the 
sacred hunting ground of my people a very holy place 
where once there were many wapiti. Also I recognize you

in the truck from my vision before but I don't know about 
you because I don't like Wasichus very much they murder 
Sitting Bull they murder Crazy Horse they murder many many 
of my people women and old men and babies at 
Wounded Knee they break their treaty and steal our sacred

hunting ground to make another Disneyland and litter its 
mountains with those big statues of your lousy bad prahna 
presidents they break the sacred hoop of our people and 
they're never satisfied you know all this. Anyway I don't 
know about you till I have my vision through you and I

learn something in that vision so tomorrow I rent a car 
and we go to the Black Hills together. Now I have to think 
a minute because when I have a vision I like to make a 
song or picture about what I want to remember in it.
	We walk along on the shoulder of the road the wind

dead silence ahead the lights of jetliners landing and taking 
off soundless at an airport on the edge of town above many 
many stars more silence the quiet is like a bandage on 
a wound.
	This is a translation in Lakota it's much better says

Empty Fox he recites in a slow practical chant
				Without the wind
					The kite is dead
				With it everything 
					Is possible.

	That night we stay in a Y next morning Empty Fox 
comes around driving a rented Cadillac we head up route 
16 into the Hills around here they call them hills they get 
way up over seven thousand feet even now these mountains 
very strong medicine says Empty Fox there are shining

caves caves that breathe water runs uphill. A little north is 
the geographical center of U. S. this is one of the magic 
places where everything comes together. Around us dark 
delta shaped pines cover the slopes with their geometry we 
pass many motels concessions billboards that say gravity

mystery area see water run uphill anyway says Empty Fox 
the Wasichus make Disneyland of all this so they can sell 
it they get Indians to pretend they're Indians they make 
believe these beautiful mountains are beautiful they 
pretend that magic is magic they make believe the truth is the

truth otherwise they can't believe anything. There is a 
place with a billboard of a mountain in front of the mountain 
you Wasichus can't see without pretending to see so 
anyway you don't believe it. Anyway that's why you all 
have cameras you're not friends with your eyes only with

your minds you can't understand this.
	The wind is up again springing out around curves 
slamming across hairpin turns the Caddie shuddering over 
long granite drops we stop on a shoulder amid weird 
pinnacles massy involuted formations for a distant view

of the intruding presidents those are your gods you can't 
see them unless they wear those masks says Empty Fox. 
The old gods are still here and I can see them just by 
looking he waves his arm toward a creased and involved 
granite cliff across a canyon where I see mittens boxing

gloves elephants intestines vaginas then suddenly peering 
and disappearing in the rockface strange ghostly faces 
decayed bloated withered creased by age distorted brutish 
skulls some of them whole figures hunched and twisted 
sad mournful vindictive some horribly angry changing all

the time I jump back hah says Empty Fox. You see and 
you're scared you're right to be scared the earth is very 
angry she cries to her brothers the wind and the fire and 
to her sister the ocean already the wind is rising and the 
ocean sings back

			Everything will wash away
				It is good
			A new race is coming
and the fire sings
			Everything will burn to ash

				It is good
			A new nation is rising 
and the wind sings
			Everything will sweep away 
				It is good

			A clean spirit is breathing. 
They hear a thrashing in the woods wapiti says Empty Fox 
an elk emerges in the underbrush on the other side of the 
road antlers like bloody candelabra strips of skin hang 
ragged from their branches makes a maddened plunge

toward a tree trunk impact of antlers shakes the tree he 
rubs them against the trunk plunges again in places you 
can see the pink-white of exposed horn shedding his velvet 
a sign says Empty Fox the elk tosses its antlers and thrashes 
off into the woods they drive further up into the mountains

wind still buzzing around them come to a high clear lake 
reflecting rock formations like huge thumbs granite peaks 
far end of the lake dammed by a procession of giant rocks 
they stop at a campground beside the lake empty except 
for a large camperbus at the other side Empty Fox gets out

he moves slowly across the campground first in one direction 
then another an abstracted look on his face eyes vacant 
it's as if he's being moved around the clearing circles in on 
one area moves backward sideways stops begins to stamp 
the earth with his feet softly at first harder very hard as

if trying to drive his feet into the ground stands legs apart 
waves here. Bring the tent I get the tent out of the trunk 
we set it up driving the stakes deep against the wind unroll 
sleeping bags Empty Fox looks at the sky snow he says. 
	How do you know.

	The way things sound. The way things smell. Birds 
flying low. Now you have to make friends with this place 
the rock here is granite very old anyway older than Rockies 
these trees all spruce. Come we go on trail we walk around 
the end of the lake the wind is glacial I'm freezing now

look around on ground the ground is covered with chunks 
of glittering stone pink translucent green deep red silver 
mostly agate mica quartz here says Empty Fox. Many beautiful 
stones in these mountains also silver gold he spits. For 
that the Wasichus break treaty now you take a stone.

	Any stone.
	No not any you take a stone that speaks to you I look 
around carefully what do you mean speaks to me.
	When you see a woman and right away you fall in love 
before she looks before she says words she speaks to you.

You pick a stone that has that feeling.
	I look around finally pick up a large jagged pink stone 
glittering many-faceted with glassy fractures orange layers 
deeply translucent faulted to its heart I feel an indefinable 
connection with it I hold it up to Empty Fox good this is

your stone it's good luck we continue along the trail along 
the base of hollow cliffs through passages under tall rocks 
that lean on one another or hang precarious odd shapes 
figures faces giants petrified on the brink of life Empty Fox 
stops in a green bowl of cliffs that dwarf the tall pines now

you go back to our place you make friends with your stone 
he points at the mountains to one side I go up to Harney 
Peak. This is the highest peak till you come to the Rockies 
a very strong place he's wearing rings I haven't seen before 
on his left hand a silver ring with an irregularly geometric

figure of a bird indented in its face on his right a heavy 
turquoise ring with a turquoise bluer than I've ever seen 
the same color as the deep mountain sky above us only 
flecked through with veins of silver and gold I have to 
make friends with the wind he says he moves on up the

trail I go back to the camp bending against the wind.
	I sit hunched in front of the tent I look at my stone 
smell the pine smell listen to the wind I look at my stone 
turn it over and over weigh it in my hand put my nose to it 
rub it against my cheek lick it bite on it look at it some

more hold it up to the sun feel it warm in my cupped 
hands eyes closed run my fingers along its sharp edges try 
to remember its shapes map its faults it facets its idiosyn-
cracies make it shine in the light this way and that I look 
up. Something is different dark green of pines more intense

blue of sky deeper granite rocks sharper denser the picture 
postcard lake more convincing the ground more solid I 
love this place I'm flooded with love for it. I lie down and 
put my cheek against the earth breathing deeply slowly 
then a strange thing happens. I feel heavier warmer my

body flows tingles quivers glows I feel the gravity that 
connects me with the earth passing through me like a 
current like a responding love the sun hugs me the sun is in 
love with me I get up breathe deep I can't understand 
this. Then the words come into my mind I don't know

where they come from the secret is that there is no secret. 
	Seen the buffalo yet a smiling portly man in a red nylon
jacket and orange earmuffs smiles into my face.
	What buffalo.
	You mean you haven't seen the buffalo yet we took them

down this morning they loved it they got a whole herd 
down there got some good shots too. Color.
	I haven't seen them.
	What about the cave you seen the cave yet jeez you don't 
want to miss the cave that's the best part we took them over

there yesterday. They went crazy.
	Did they.
	Oh jeez. You been to Rushmore they went wild at 
Rushmore. I thought they were gonna get arrested a little 
overexcited you know but they loved it all right.

	Yeah they loved it all right they sure got a lot of stuff 
here don't they this is more like it. Like I was saying to 
my wife. We were going to spend it all in Yellowstone but 
they were going crazy. Geysers you know. Big deal. You

seen one geyser know what I mean I mean all right water 
squirting out of the ground but they got entirely too many 
geysers there if you ask me. This is more like it. We went 
over to the Tetons. More mountains. Big deal that wasn't 
more like it but this is what I call more like it boy that

was the smartest thing I ever did in my life coming over 
here. Smartest thing I ever did in my life. Especially what 
with the camper you can't beat this place for camping boy 
that camper. That was the smartest thing I ever did in my 
life too come on over I'll show you around we go over to

his camper it's gigantic about the size of a Greyhound bus.
	Smartest thing I ever did he says this is my wife Veronica.
My name's Henry Aldrich.
	Hi there.
	I'm Nick it's all going away. Unreal. We board the
Queen Mary that's what we call her hah-hah-hah this is

the rumpus room picture windows on both sides leather
armchair card table foldup ping pong table this is where
we store the bicycles here's the bar that's the galley the
bridge is up ahead captain's quarters two TVs one here
one in the crew's quarters aft are you a veteran.

	I thought you might be a veteran I was a Seabee jeez
those were the days weren't they scotch.
	No thanks he pours himself a scotch Henry you had
enough today says Veronica ah come on willya a rifle pokes

its way out of the crew's quarters a real rifle bah bah bah 
bah I gotcha I gotcha lousy gook.
	Ah there they are says Henry I tollya not to play with
the rifle it might be loaded.	|
	A fat kid and a skinny kid run into the rumpus room

the fat kid has the rifle the skinny kid has a helmet and 
bazooka not real we just killed a thousand gooks says the 
fat kid.
	Nice Buster why don't you go back and kill some nice 
Indians look out they're coming over the rise.

	We killed all the Injuns we're gonna kill him.
	Put that rifle down damn it.
	Hands up all of you says Buster.
	Listen you fat little bastard I had enough out of you

	He's not fat he's glandular says Veronica
	I'll murder him.
	I'm just saying that's all.
	Look out it's loaded says the skinny kid Buster pulls the

trigger. Click nothing happens Henry grabs the gun slams
he kid in the stomach with his fist. With his fist. Buster 
caroms off the foldup ping pong table onto the floor Henry 
gets down straddles him smacks his face smacks again from 
the other side with the back of his hand again again. Fat.

Little. Damn. Bastard. Veronica screaming pulls him off. 
Buster staggers sobbing back to the crew's quarters.
	How do you like the Black Hills I say.
	It's very nice says Veronica. It's something a little 

	They love it says Henry panting. It's something just a 
little bit different.
	Well excuse me I have to go now don't you want to 
watch the game says Henry I stagger down the gangplank 
back to the tent sit down pick up my stone hold it tight in

both hands look around gone. It's all gone. Everything 
unreal I feel like cardboard. I'm cold this place is dull 
nothing to do. I'm terribly bored when is Empty Fox 
getting back what a drag. A movie Indian are you kidding 
what kind of bullshit I'm freezing my ass off what am I

doing here. This is awful. I'm lonely I need a drink. I'm 
just about to go watch the game when Empty Fox appears 
on a rock nearby. How-kola Ron he sweeps his arm toward 
the horizon the sun is going he says. I look around at the 
long rock shadows the sky is a darker blue the sun on the

peaks softer more orange Empty Fox drops an armload of 
firewood something is missing. The wind I realize the wind 
has been still a long time without my noticing the air quiet 
chill lying over the lake like a second more transparent 
lake everything looks three dimensional again.

	How was Harney Peak. Empty Fox laughs.
	Good he says. 
	What did you do.
	I was on the wing. 

	Dreaming that's what I call on the wing I go very fast. I 
had a great dream very strong. 
	What about. 
	I make up a song. Goes like this
				It doesn't matter

					Where you start
				It all comes together
					It all falls apart.
	Empty Fox I have something to say don't take it wrong 
I love you he grabs my shoulder and shakes me.

	Hah. You're alive now anyway. Good. The only good 
Wasichu is a live Wasichu he laughs we make fire. We 
make a fire. The sun goes down I take out my candy bar.
	Empty Fox would you like to smoke with me.
	Sure what we smoke a candy bar hah hah hah.

	This is where I keep my dope in here.
	Better stay away from police who like candy what dope.
	Hash good we smoke. I get it ready he takes out a small
pipe of blood red clay.

	Use my pipe he says. It's special.
	We pass the pipe back and forth after a while Empty 
Fox says now you are my friend Ron you are connected to 
me I am connected to you both of us connected to this 
place he smokes a while more the rest is postcards he says.

	Soon I'm on the wing I'm in the ocean sky sunny whales 
are spouting their heads break water they slide slowly to 
the surface spout their long backs glide roll under with a 
slow sweep of the flukes one especially surfacing next to 
me a great dappled grey whale very old his immense back

mossy and barnacled I can see the bristly folds of his blow 
hole a navel that connects him with his mother the air his 
flukes as he sounds waving high over me like a gesture 
goodbye follow me I'm choking Empty Fox has his hand 
on the back of my neck holding me down on the ground

what are you doing I throw him off sit up.
	You're on the wing he says he dives at me I roll to the 
side get up he catches me with a punch on the shoulder 
cut it out I don't want to hurt you I know karate I say.
	What kup.

	Green belt.
	Too bad I'm a brown belt UTZ he lets go with a left 
side kick I step back catch him on the achilles tendon with 
a lower block that sends him spinning completely around 
he comes out of it in a fast pivot with a right mace hand

that just misses my temple he dodges a right round house 
kick to his mid-section he comes in with a left knife hand 
that I catch with a double arm block he trips me as I go 
into a front kick I stumble he drives in with an upper 
target punch I barely deflect with an elbow block a head

kick that comes out of nowhere grazes my ear my attempt 
to counter stopped by a fancy backward side kick I manage 
to back away gasping for breath he's not even breathing 
hard I know one blow is enough to finish either of us he 
comes in very loose hard to see his movements in the

firelight he feints a side kick comes in with a spear hand 
attack to my midsection just short feints a left knife hand 
UTZ catches me with an elbow to the ribs that almost 
knocks me down but I come back with a reverse punch 
YATZ that catches him on the chest we both get off side kicks

UTZ UTZ collide stumble back we circle one another 
me gasping limping from the collision my ribs hurt I know I 
can't last long I charge screaming feint a kick throw an 
upper target punch he bangs aside with a left arm block a 
left middle target he catches with a knife hand block that

almost breaks my wrist and lands a reverse punch to my 
eye UTZ just as I bring my knee up into his groin I lose 
my balance go sprawling onto the ground he doubles over 
staggers away I can't get up next thing I know he's on the 
back of my neck again holding me down you're on the

wing he says. He tightens his hands shakes me by the neck 
till my teeth chatter if you fly too far you can't come back 
he says he shakes me talk shakes me again talk talk canke 
ot'ungyakel akiuzapi no mini oihpeyapi.
	Good go on what else.

	Yunkan miniwanca kin ihecegla ablak hingle jonas mini 
oihpeyapi kin icunhan wakantanka hogan tanka wan el 
eca yeya canke jonas niyakel napca canke nige kin mahel 
anpetu yamni na hanhepi yamni t'e sni un na okiwanjila 
wakantanka cekiyahe next thing he knows his face is wet

it's morning everything is white he's in a sleeping bag 
covered with snow. Alone. He feels a lump in his side he 
unzips the bag it's his stone he gets up his neck is sore his 
ribs ache thigh stiff wrist purple eye swollen it feels good 
his body feels serious full of its own intelligence his head

is peculiarly empty light he takes out his notebook. He 
		everything looks more real 
			" 	  feels   "	" 
			I	    "      "	 "

then he throws away his notebook. Walks out to the road 
starts hitching into Custer he gets a ride right away in 
Custer he puts his hand in his pocket finds Empty Fox has 
left him his rings he puts them on he still wears them 

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	Ronald Sukenick    Cover    All About OUT