toward silence always moving moving R no explanations.
	The alarm rings R wakes up something is going to

happen. It's February 8. Sailor comes over what's up
says R Sailor shrugs. You feel it too Sailor nods what are we

in two. Check two minutes leeway we better hurry Sailor
says they go for a walk along the piers is it the eclipse.

Maybe Sailor says what are we going to do says R. Sailor
sits down takes out his rope makes a knot hands it to R

untie it he says R can't. Keep trying R keeps trying a knot
is a  connection Sailor says. Sometimes it's the wrong


connection then you have to know how to untie it untie it R
can't. Once you untie it you have to tie it so you make

the right connection. The way you tie it is first you have
to know the right connection then you have to know the

knot for it then you have to make it with the right feeling
but first you have to untie it he takes the rope unties it

with a quick pull. There are over three thousand knots not
only knots hitches splices lashing whipping other kinds.

There's the granny the reef the square the sheet the eye
the jury the turtle the tarbuck the prusik there's mousing


marling netting belaying parbuckling there's the turk's
head the lark's head the monkey's fist the catspaw the

sheepshank the blood bight the carrick bend the magnus
hitch the scout's woggle the bos'n's plait the double dove

hitch the turn turl the studding sail halyard the half
hitch killick hitch those are just a few. The interesting

thing about knots is they hold things together so when
they're holding right they're not there's just the thing.

When they're keeping things apart instead of holding them
together they're not really knots they're snarls that's why

people snarl and get angry when they're not holding
together this is the philosophy of the knot. Or maybe of


the not since a good knot is not do you follow. Perfectly
says R. Good because I'm going to teach you all about

knots not today tomorrow that's my boat over there it's
all ready to go what am I thinking Sailor says.

	The blue whale says R.
	Go on.

	The biggest body.
	Go on.

	A hundred fifty suns.


	Tons a hundred speak tweet feet long the tongue.
	Go on.

	Is nine thousand pounds. Nine thousand.
	Right go on.

	The heart twelve hundred twenty foot lout. Spout.
	Go on I'm still sending.

	Beak jaw fish spine human ribs it's lonely. What's lonely.
	They sighted one way out there are so few they can't

mate. They never meet says Sailor.
	You want to make friends with it says R.

	I can't I have things to do says R.


	So what.
	I have a career I want to be useful do good things.

	So what.
	l'm in love.

	So what.
	I have to get it together.

	So what.
	What will I learn.

	The sowhatness of things.
	R wakes up someone is dragging a huge safe over a


granite washboard the bed is pitching like a boat everything
is rattling in the dark helpless in the grip of some

thing final this can't go on this can't go on this can't go on
it goes on it stops it's a dream. R wakes up the sun is out

something is different it's happened. There's been a huge
earthquake houses collapsed freeways torn up hospitals

destroyed a dam is breaking power gone thousands dead
injured fleeing in confusion nobody knows how many

animals stampede panicky dogs roam the streets a strange line
of bubbles foams up off the coast massive disorientation

sets in communications with the interior are cut off people
wander around lose sense of direction sequence identity


the astronauts back from their moonwalk float out of
contact in midspace avoiding tonight's total eclipse of the

moon this morning's convulsion of the earth it's 10 o'clock
R has a premonition about Pixie he runs down to the

beach in time to see her washed ashore she's not breathing
he turns her on her back opens her jaw wide pulls her

tongue out of her throat with his finger pushes her head
back holds her nostrils closed gives her the kiss of life

watches her chest rise and fall again rise fall again after a
while it starts to rise and fall by itself she gags gasps starts


breathing opens her eyes closes opens it's you she says.
	What happened says R I went swimming. I can't swim

says Pixie. What do you mean R concentrates reads her
mind he gets nothing no input no output something missing

here R thinks to himself he concentrates harder it's
nothing like Sailor's fluid flow his total response his almost

zero gap between what comes in and what goes out like an
animal like a superconscious animal it's a blank wall R

concentrates harder he goes into a trance he allows his
preconscious psyche to flow into her mind to lap against

the wall to flow beyond her mind suddenly he recoils a
look of pain crosses his face then of disgust then of anger


he puts her back on the sand walks off the beach when he
looks over his shoulder she's tottering back into the surf

that night the moon is full and bright then it turns pink
then red-brown then dark brown in the shadow of the

earth it's February 9 there's one minute leeway the moon
goes down like a burning ship.

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